M.A. in Film Studies from the University of Malta

​B.Sc. IT University of Malta


Stephen Rota


Film Making

I am very passionate about the craft of film making.

My first two short films where low low budget films:
  •  ‘Life Cycle’ (2009) - which I have written/produced/directed.
  • ‘This is Not For Sale’ (2012) - which I produced/directed.

In 2020 I wrote/directed/produced 'Need' which was also part of the thesis in my M.A.
'Need' has done very well in international film festivals.

One aspect of film making that I enjoy most is script writing. To my credit I attended screen writing courses by world-renowned masters of the craft like Bobette Buster, Martin Daniel (USC), David Howard (USC), Mary Kate O' Flanagan and Jean Pierre Magro.

I also had the pleasure of helping out on other short films as a Producer and 1st AD.

For the last three years I have been taking drama classes at Theater Lab Malta and also took part in the play 'Barumbar'.